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Silver Eagle Aerodynamic Products


Introducing Silver Eagle Aero Skirt Fairings

If you’re ready to improve your truck and trailers’ fuel efficiency, Silver Eagle’s trailer aerodynamics can help. Adding Silver Eagle trailer skirt fairings will cut your trailer’s drag, equating to fuel efficiency savings of up to 5.7%.Put in real dollars, you could save as much as $2,700 per year in fuel costs or up to $40,500 over the life of your trailer, simply by adding this technology.

How do trailer aerodynamic devices work?
Silver Eagle trailer aerodynamics work to decrease drag on your trailer, which is responsible for approximately 75% of the aerodynamic drag on your rig. By adding our aerodynamic fairings, you streamline the way wind acts on your trailer, increasing the fuel efficiency of your tractor/trailer. The result? Decreased fuel costs and more REAL money in your pocket for every trailer Silver Eagle trailer aerodynamics are installed on. To verify fuel economy savings, Silver Eagle utilized standard type II testing The U.S. EPA SmartWay Program verifies the independent testing

How do they impact my fleet?
  • You save on fuel costs by improving the aerodynamics of every trailer on which they’re installed
  • They’ make every trip more efficient — While you’ll get your biggest savings on long stretches of open highway, aerodynamics help your fuel economy wherever you drive
  • It’s business as usual — By giving you the highest ground clearance of any SmartWay verified technology – up to 18 inches — your drivers won’t feel any impact from this new Silver Eagle technology — except improved gas mileage
  • Your trucks look professional — Constructed from quality, durable aluminum for longevity
  • You can haul into California — New regulations say every 53-ft truck running in that state has to be aerodynamically equipped by early 2013. Other states will follow suit

Save at least $2,700 per trailer per year - That’s $40,500 over 15 years!*

See how much money you could save by using this technology:

Average Miles per Gallon: Average Miles Driven per Year per Truck:
Fuel Cost per Gallon ($): Number of Trucks in Fleet:
Total Savings per year:
* Savings per trailer calculated on 5.7% fuel savings after applying Aero Saber, 100,000 miles per year, 6 mpg baseline, $3/gallon gasoline costs and 55 mph average speed. $40,500 savings is calculated on trailer in use for 15 years.

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