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Silver Eagle dollies are designed to solve your problems:

Run Double Trailers?

Corrosion Eating your Dollies?

Cost Reduction Goal?

Run Double Trailers?

If you run double or triple trailers in your fleet, you have an even greater need to implement strategies that keep drivers happy, productive and safe.

Silver Eagle dollies make it easier for drivers to perform better, because the dollies are engineered to work with them -- not against them. Just look at some of these proven opportunities that can occur when you consider a Silver Eagle dolly program:


  • Reduce time and effort to couple trailers
  • Reduce the "hassles" and injuries in handling
  • Increase performance and productivity
  • Help keep uniforms/clothing clean


Converter DolliesWide single tires
The single most effective dolly productivity improvement you can make, by far, is switching to wide single tires. Fleets testing this configuration see a dramatic reduction in the effort required to handle the dolly. We have reports from customers that once a dolly has wide single tires drivers don’t ever want to go back to dual tires.

Please send me the video showing the remarkable improvements this change can make.

Superior balance
Our Eagle dolly is engineered to consider drawbar weight and counter-balance, allowing drivers to lift the drawbar and move the dolly with relative ease. The dolly can be readily tilted to its rear frame for storage and maintenance. Can your current dolly do this?

Converter DolliesEasier Fifth Wheel Capture and Release
The Eagle dolly has a wide opening and a jaw window that allows easier capture and verification of a positive lock, virtually eliminating false couplings. A center pull release handle requires 60% less pull and lets the driver remain upright and out from underneath the trailer. The result is less strain, fewer injuries, better safety and cleaner uniforms.


Launch a converter dolly program that focuses on improving driver retention, satisfaction and safety. Contact Silver Eagle Manufacturing - we are the largest provider in North America, and want to help you achieve an operational advantage in your double and triple trailer fleet.

Is Corrosion Eating Your Dollies?

Everyone's talking about the significant acceleration of corrosion caused by magnesium and calcium chloride de-icing solutions. Your converter dolly is no place to take chances with a structural failure — after all, it is the steering axle of your second and third trailer. You can take immediate steps to counter this threat in your LCV fleet. Here are some proven concepts you can implement now:


  • Stop rust migration
  • Reduce re-painting and the time, people, equipment and costs required
  • Keep equipment in service
  • Maintain your image as a top-tier fleet


Superior to electro-static processes (powder coating), Silver Eagle’s e-coated primer system completely submerges bare metal parts in a bath of oppositely charged primer. The process is tightly controlled to deliver an even, continuously primed surface in every crevice and corner. Your finish paint lasts up to 4 times longer. This process meets the demanding US military spec for tactical combat equipment. Imagine having that kind of defense in your fleet.

Converter DolliesGalvanization
Our tests show galvanization is probably the most effective treatment for protecting the metal in your converter dollies. Galvanization is relatively low cost, heals itself when invaded by a rock chip or other damage, and requires no painting (!). The problem is you shouldn't weld on it.

Galvanization is available on several Silver Eagle converter dolly models because they are constructed with serviceable huck-bolted frames, creating nearly weld-free converter dollies. Modular frames, no painting and little-to-no welding makes Silver Eagle dollies durable and free from many costly maintenance worries.

Converter DolliesHighest Quality Polyurethane Paint
At Silver Eagle, we use only the highest quality automotive finish paint system to match your fleet’s existing finishes. We paint colors you specify. Let Silver Eagle converter dollies become a proud member of your fleet’s roster, versus a neglected, misused liability.


Launch a converter dolly program that focuses on stopping corrosion and improving your fleet’s image Contact Silver Eagle Manufacturing - we are the largest provider in North America, and want to help you achieve an operational advantage in your double and triple trailer fleet.

Cost Reduction Goal?

You own converter dollies for your double and triple trailer combinations, right? Costs can be sneaky and show up in subtle ways. Why not lower your total ownership and maintenance costs by running Silver Eagle dollies, which are designed to cost less over the life of the equipment.

Converter dollies are often overlooked as a source for improvement. One of our large fleet customers, however, cites a 25% reduction in workman’s compensation claims after 12 months into a Silver Eagle dolly renewal program. Here are some proven concepts you can implement in your operations:


  • Increase tire life and reduce your highest dolly maintenance expense
  • Reduce the shock of starting/stopping
  • Easily replace frame components
  • Reduce/eliminate welding


No slack suspension, aligned axle.
Converter DolliesIndependent tire research conducted over four years concluded that our exclusive Eagle dolly design provides significantly longer tire life than conventional dollies by up to 16%. The Eagle dolly looks different, but that’s because it’s better and it works.

The principle cause of side to side tire wear is the directional torque of the vehicle, which is constantly pulling toward the crown on sloped pavements. With other conventional longitudinal spring suspensions, this action provides less weight on roadside tires and greater weight on the curbside. Silver Eagles transverse spring design balances the load, and also makes it possible to laser-align and fix the axle for significantly better tracking -- just two of the reasons for longer tire life.

If you're like most fleets, you can expect to save $120 per year per dolly in this area alone.

Converter DolliesShock Mounted Eye
Our innovative rubber or polyurethane shock-mounted eye and shank absorbs shock in starting and stopping, transferring less force to equipment and cargo. It's also serviceable without a welder.

Huck-bolted frame components
No matter how accomplished the driver, damage happens. Now replace drawbars quickly and easily using grade eight fasteners, and only replace the side that's damaged. Our patented design and use of high-strength steel provides a worry-free frame. Now you can send your welders off on other jobs.

E-coat Primed or Galvanized Finishes.
Have you considered what your operation spends on chasing rust, sanding and repainting your dolly fleet? Cut down or eliminate this activity (imagine, no downtime and no cost!) by using e-coated primer or a galvanized finish in your spec. Only available at Silver Eagle, and at a surprising affordable cost.


Launch a converter dolly program that focuses on the long view -- reducing your total O&O costs. Contact Silver Eagle Manufacturing - we are the largest provider in North America, and want to help you achieve an operational advantage in your double and triple trailer fleet.