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PRESS RELEASE: North Carolina National Guard takes possession of 10 Silver Eagle CRCT trailers, Mississippi trailers to follow

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North Carolina National Guard takes possession of 10 Silver Eagle CRCT trailers, Mississippi trailers to follow

Portland, Oregon (03/04/11) - North Carolina residents could be more comfortable during upcoming disaster relief efforts, now that the North Carolina National Guard has added 10 Silver Eagle Climate Regulated Cargo Trailers (CRCT) to its fleets.

With the CRCT, the North Carolina National Guard can now deliver climate regulated medications, food, blood and plasma into severe duty environments, including areas impacted by hurricanes and floods. The CRCT can either go over land, pulled by the guard’s High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV), or air-transported to areas of greatest need.

“With the CRCT, the North Carolina National Guard can easily maneuver refrigerated cargo into disaster areas,” said Matt Goldfain, director of marketing for Silver Eagle. “The Guard previously would have had to rely on larger, heavier refrigerated trailers that couldn’t get around downed trees or washed out roads. The CRCT allows troops to immediately take comfort to natural disaster victims who might be in need of refrigerated medications, blood or even cold water. If a HMMWV or helicopter can reach the location, the CRCT can get there, too.”

Another benefit for the National Guard is that the CRCT helps it to easily offer food service for troops scattered during training exercises and drills. The CRCT integrates a light-weight refrigerated cargo compartment onto a proven off-road capable platform.

Powered by a reliable Thermo King refrigeration system, the North Carolina CRCTs include an optional bulkhead wall with thermostatically-controlled fans that create two compartments with dual temperature controls for either frozen or cold requirements. The 118 cubic food insulated interior is constructed of fiberglass and incorporates a robust stainless steel floor.

The CRCT is a joint effort between Portland, Oregon-based Silver Eagle Manufacturing Company, the global leader in building light tactical trailers, and Amtech, LLC, a Wapato, Washington-based manufacturer of hard covers for military trailers and HMMWs.

The Mississippi National Guard has also ordered 10 CRCT trailers with a scheduled for delivery early spring. For more information on the CRCT, visit or call Kit Young at Amtech at (509) 654-6653.

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Amtech is a diverse manufacturer of composite-based products and parts. With expertise in design, engineering, and research and development, Amtech’s products are distributed in both military and commercial markets. Established in 1987, the company’s talents include fiberglass, resin transfer molding (RTM), vacuum assist RTM (VARTM), large and small vacuum-form plastics capabilities, finishing, value-added assembly, and custom packaging. For more information, call (509) 877-2228 or log on to

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