Gitchner GEET Command Center Trailer


Silver Eagle designed this trailer and continues to manufacture it at a rate of over 200/year. The monocoque design and riveted aluminum wall are ideal for low weight, high strength and optimum useful load.

    Venture & Greyhound Trailers

    Similar to the TP-60, these trailers are designed and manufactured by Silver Eagle, based on unique customer requirements. They have torsion axles and electric brakes.

    Lockheed Mobile Crane

    Designed/Fabricated Chassis and Hydraulic Control Assembly to Enable Installation of Crane and Fifth Wheel Table

      Bren-Tronics Solar Panel Trailer

      Base Trailers for Launcher & Recovery Systems

      Raytheon H03

      This trailer was designed and manufactured to accommodate a one ton hoist for use in off-road military applications.

      Mobile Air Traffic Control for Air Force F16 Thunderbird Squadron

      This trailer was designed and manufactured to accommodate electronic transceiver equipment for field conditions.


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