Eagle Converter Dolly

The highest performing dolly in the trucking industry

The Eagle’s sturdy design and revolutionary bolt-together frame provide superior ride and stability, lower maintenance costs, better handling, and up to 16% longer tire wear. Look at this list of benefits you’ll have a difficult time finding on any other dolly:

  • Ease of handling and safety
  • Smoothest ride
  • Highest stability
  • Durability and long life
  • Longest tire life
  • Worry-free fifth wheel



At last, a dolly that’s easy to move. We engineered drawbar weight and counter balance into the Eagle dolly to give it superior balance. 

The two-stage, traverse leaf spring suspension system ensures the smoothest spring ride on the road – loaded or empty. 

Imagine having 18% better protection against rollovers. The Eagle has a “no slack” suspension utilizing transverse springs mounted on the frame and suspension components mounted in rubber “isolation blocks.” Together, this eliminates free play and improves stability against rollovers. This built-in stability creates better tracking while diminishing sway or unusual “wheel hop” because the load is pulled directly from the axle, rather than through a platform mount. 

Built to last for years. The Eagle utilizes 1/4″ steel construction that essentially doubles the strength of our drawbar. Additionally, an 11-stage e-coat priming process protects against corrosion and provides a base for a durable finish that resists rust 400% longer than competitive coatings. 

Your tires will last 16% longer with Silver Eagle dollies, giving you significantly more cash in your pocket over the life of ownership. Cambered and toed-in axle alignment provides for alignment under dynamic load and return steering characteristics. Silver Eagle rigid drawbar acts as a torque arm. Starting and stopping torque applies against the axle and, accordingly, no axle and spring windup occurs during braking. This feature strongly contributes to Silver Eagle’s longer tire mileage. 

Our exclusive fifth wheel includes a front pull handle that allows dolly hook-up from the side of the trailer, rather than under. Additionally, the fifth wheel:

  • Visually shows when king pin is captured, reducing high-pinning mistakes
  • Requires half as much exertion to open the jaw
  • Lowers workman comp claims because it lessens strain on muscles and joints and reduces exposure to back, shoulder, arm and neck injuries
  • Assures clean uniforms
  • Produces more productive drivers

Helping you move more freight… More affordably

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Eagle Specs
Weight: 2,900 Ibs (1,315 kg)
GVWR: 20,000 Ibs (9,071 kg)
Frame and Drawbar: Formed steel channel drawbar and frame. 76″ center of drawbar eye to center of axle
Drawbar eye is rubber mounted in steel shock housing. Drawbar set for 34″ hitch height.
Fifth Wheel: 36″ fabricated steel table with cast steel center section. Roadside release handle. Fifth wheel mounted directly over centerline of axle.
Axle: Meritor TN 4671, 5″ round with N-spindles. 22,500 Ibs installed to set toe-in at 1/16″/71 ½” track for 96″ wide trailers.
Hub/Drum: Cast hubs for dual 10 stud, two hand hole steel disc wheels and outboard mount cast iron brake drums brake drums.
Brakes: Meritor 16W’ x 7″ Q+ S-cam brakes with non-asbestos linings and ABS Type 30 service chambers with stroke indicators. Automatic slack adjusters.
Suspension: 7-leaf, two stage springs with rebound leaves. Transverse-mounted over axle. Spring eyes are secured in rubber mounting blocks.
Paint: Frame and fifth wheel are steel shot blasted and treated with an 11-stage epoxy primer (E-coat). Top coat is high-quality gray polyurethane.
Air System: WABCO ABS relay, emergency and pressure protection valves. Anti-false charge, push-pull (hostling) and check valve.
Electrical Lamps: Two 4″ 12-volt incandescent stop tail lamps, rubber
grommet mounted on rear frame.
Tires: Four 295/75R 22.5 low profile steel radial, load range G.
Wheels: 22 ‘;2″ x 8 W’ steel disc wheels, 10 stud hub pilot mount. Pre painted white enamel.
Mud Flaps: Black plastic flaps with Silver Eagle logo mounted on removable hangers.
Support Leg: Steel stiff leg with replaceable rubber footpad.
Counterweight: Weighted tail frame to reduce drawbar pickup weight and allow easier service.
Available Options
Custom Colors: We can match your fleets’ color specifications. Also available in galvanized.
Custom Drawbar Lengths: We can match your needs from 72″ to 102″.
Polyurethane Bushings
and Spring Boots Upgrade:
For even longer life.
4 Light Braking System: For safety and turn signals.

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