Light Weight Advanced Tactical Trailer System (L-WATTS)

Moving gear and personnel all at once with narrow track prime movers is now achievable with the Silver Eagle L-WATTS trailer. Developed specifically for narrow track prime movers to meet and enhance their mission profiles, the L-WATTS trailer allows the vehicles to deliver increased payload and capacity.


Now a narrow-track trailer as nimble, rugged and maneuverable as its prime mover
Silver Eagle Manufacturing, with its history of engineering and manufacturing military trailers, has developed a trailer specifically for narrow track vehicles such as the Jeep® J8, Toyota® Landcruiser, Mercedes® G Wagon, Land Rover® Defender and similar smaller vehicles being developed as an alternative to the HMMWV. While not designed for frontline combat operations, these smaller vehicles will have full armor capabilities and a range of duties from command vehicles to cargo carriers to ambulance and communication vehicles. The L-WATTS trailer system increases the vehicles’ payload capacity to enhance the mission profile.


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  • Goes easily from on-road to off-road
  • Full tactical compliance — Engineered for a severe duty environment
  • Doubles the prime mover payload to 1,800 lbs
  • The L-WATTS trailer takes abuse — Fords streams, climbs and descends hills and crosses difficult terrain with ease
  • Interoperable parts — The L-WATTS trailer utilizes a similarly-sized cargo bed and the same wheels, tires and suspension components as its prime mover, so replacement parts can be swapped infield between trailer and the vehicle
  • Robust construction — Aluminum and steel construction makes this trailer light weight, yet strong and durable
  • Upgrades available: An optional canopy, spare tire, spray-in bed liner and modular quick change cargo bed are available
  • Ask us about trailer development solutions for other narrow track vehicles

The L-WATTS shares many components with its intended prime mover, making it interoperable and easy to swap parts in field.

Silver Eagle has a history of developing military trailers that meet the demands of severe duty environments. The L-WATTS matches the maneuverable narrow track of 63.5 inches.

With its 45 degree departure angle, the L-WATTS easily ascends and descends hills


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