The urbanization of cities is a growing challenge for logisticians and couriers. Access to the customer is becoming more difficult and the complexity of downtown logistics is increasing. Legislative framework conditions slow down the subcontracting process in the last mile – punctual delivery is made more difficult and expensive.

Are you ready for the future?

RYTLE combines state-of-the-art technology and environmental protection for maximum flexibility in city logistics. With RYTLE you will find a holistic, networked concept including digital transformation for the last mile – in an intelligent way, almost emission-free and cost-efficient.


Professional cargo bike with charging attachment

The MovR is much more than a traditional cargo bike. It ensures a fast and safe movement in the courier network and can be ranked in a confined space. In addition, the driver can descend particularly easily thanks to a special frame construction and is protected against the effects of the weather.

Integrated traction helps the two powerful wheel hub motors support the courier during delivery.



In order to optimize the process of delivery, the exchange BOX was developed. This is packed with parcels and cargo by the logistics and represents the link between HUB and MovR. The MovR driver picks up the BOX and its contents for delivery and transports the goods in the last mile quickly and ecologically.


Hydraulic Swap Body

Our City HUB distinguishes itself as a mobile depot due to the small footprint needed and can be integrated into the cityscape both economically and ecologically. The HUB is lowerable by means of hydraulic supports and provides easier access to the shipments. Hubs can be set up as needed and integrate seamlessly into the RYTLE system. This consists of one HUB for nine pre-assembled boxes.


For networking MovR, BOX and HUB

In order to transform the logistics of the last mile into the digital age, a network was created that can be easily used via smartphone. The APP offers integrated Track & Trace software, locking options for MovR, BOX and HUB, optimized route planning for last-mile service providers and the option of networking crowd-workers as well as end customers and other application areas.

The Challenge & solution

No matter what size with sustainability, ecology and efficiency

In times of environmental zones, diesel scandals, low living space, traffic chaos and time pressure, how do you manage to develop a system that optimally serves not only efficient logistics processes but also the requirements of people and the environment?

Various Fields of Application

The components can be combined as desired

The components can be combined as desired or used as stand-alone solutions during a whole day by different user groups at different times of need.

  • various fields of application
  • package delivery
  • food delivery
  • craft services
  • … more


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