Truck Trike

Human + Electric Powered Industrial Trike

The Truck Trike is the first true industrial trike, with unprecedented payload capacity.  The Truck Trike is intended for business, with a universal flatbed that can be customized for any use. This represents a new class of vehicle, between a 40 lb. bike and a 3,000 lb. truck.  This human-electric trike design weighs only 250 lbs., yet can carry an unprecedented payload of 600 lbs., leading to very high efficiency.
Nothing performs like a Truck Trike. Mostly because there is nothing else like a Truck Trike. There are a lot of smart reasons to buy a Truck Trike.  For urban delivery and point-of-sale, it gives you a cost-effective platform that’s easy to maneuver and park in congested areas.  For schools, universities and municipalities it can reduce overhead while reducing environmental impact.


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